Top Law Enforcement News Sites of 2011

   We have recently entered the last half of this year and it is time to review Blue Badge Dispatch’s top 5 news sites of the year. Drum roll please…

1.  PoliceOne has a well-organized site that offers news stories about Law Enforcement. Many of their stories contain videos and images alongside commenting boxes in order to let readers communicate their opinions.       

                                 Blue Badge Dispatch Tip                                             

Never leave this site before looking at the “Exclusives” page. This page directs readers to editorial style articles on a number of interesting topics. Some recent topics have been : Good footwork, formation tactics, and a number of “lessons  learned” articles based on recent world events. seperates news headlines similar to how large news stations such as and do. Headlines are divided into categories such as homeland defense, business news, and internal affairs. The “Features” page has editorials, articles by contributors, and a section to honor  fallen heroes.

 Blue Badge Dispatch Tip

Visit the “Squad Room.” This tab will lead you to Police One’s law enforcement social network. On this social network you can join groups, share articles, videos, and opinions. This is a great networking tool just waiting at your fingertips.

3.  Law Officer has a clean interface with a quick search bar that allows visitors to find articles that interest them. Not only do they have articles about leadership, headline news and training but they also have a technology section that includes one of our favorite series : Social Media Quick Tips.

 Blue Badge Dispatch Tip

Take a minute to view the free webcasts that the site offers. Some webinars can be lengthy but the information that they provide is priceless. Plus, if there are archived copies of the webinar, then the videos are available on-demand and can be viewed at your leisure.

4.  Navigation is key to Police Mag’s online paper. Although this magazine is offered in hard copy, the online site has the best navigation in all of our top five picks. Each heading such as recruits, SWAT, and women in law enforcement have one very nifty button: Featured Articles. Every time visitors choose a heading the bar directly below the heading bar reads “Featured Articles.” Clicking on this attribute of the site allows for quick browsing of all of the days articles and each article is accompanied by their respective thumbnail.

Blue Badge Dispatch Tip

Do not forget to check out their bookstore. A link to the bookstore is located on the upper right-hand side of their home page when the home tab is open. This store is just as easily navigable as the site due to its categories and thumbnails. We have yet to see a better collection of suggested reading for law enforcement.

5.  Police Link takes a fun approach to law enforcement with its interesting stories, video of the day award, and numerous quizzes and polls. The only caution we advise is that you time yourself on the site. Between reading and playing,  visitors can get lost in the interactive site. On a more serious note, this site also has exam guides and allows registered visitors to either “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” articles.

Blue Badge Dispatch Tip

Officers can request to be Gold Badge verified through Police Link. This enables officers to have a Gold Badge next to their comments and access verified LEO only areas such as specific forums. For more information please follow this link.

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